Strooling Old Town, Brașov

Brașov Town Map

Come back to Brașov from Sinaia, got the map at the tourist information office, I went to the St. Nicholas church first.

From Sinaia I arrived in front of the St. Nicholas Church Brașov.

Saint Nicholas is a Romanian Orthodox church in Braşov, dominating the historic district of Şchei. The church was established in 1292. It was mentioned in a Papal bull issued in 1399 by Pope Boniface IX.

Biserica Sfântul Nicolae (St. Nicholas Church) Brașov

The church was rebuilt starting in 1495 in stone by the locals, with help from Vlad family, Prince of Wallachia. 

Interior of St. Nicholas Church Brașov

Murals of St. Nicholas Church Brașov

Saint Nicholas Church was initially built in the Gothic style, it was later redecorated with Baroque style.

Museum “The First Romanian School” in the churchyard of St. Nicholas Brașov

 Left Saint Nicholas Church I’m going to the Black Tower (Turnul Negru). Got off the car and I was walking a path in a woods a bit. 

Arrived at the Black Tower (Turnul Negru) in a park called Belvedere, Brașov.

The Black Tower is one of the four observation towers of the City of Brașov, built as an independent fortification, located outside the city walls and has over 11 meters high. It occupies an area of 5o square meters and its walls measure 2 m thick. 

Turnul Negru (Black Tower) Brașov and narrow mountain path to the White Tower (Turnul Alb)

From the front of the Black Tower  I was walking to the White Tower through the narrow mountain path. White Tower is located 150-200 meters from the Black Tower (Turnul Negru).

From the Black Tower (Turnul Negru) I arrived at a tower called “Turnul Alb” (White Tower) Brașov.

Built in the 15th century, the White Tower (Turnul Alb) was part of the city’s defensive system. It is on the Warthe hill and some 20 meters high.

Views from the hill. I am going down this narrow trail to Old Town of Brașov on foot.

Located just on the outskirts of the old town, the white tower is a great viewing point of the old town, currently closed however worth a visit, awesome photos to be had.

Walking along the stream, the Graft Bastion appears.

The Graft Bastion is the most spectacular bastion of the medieval town of Brasov. It was built in the 16th century on the south-east side of the Warthe hill to facilitate the connection between the castle and the White Tower.

Blacksmiths Bastion; I have walked from the Graft Bastion to the Blacksmiths Bastion.

The Blacksmiths’ Bastion, erected in 1521 and situated in the north-western part of Braşov’s citadel, is an imposing medieval building. The pentagonal, 3-leveled building was first mentioned in a document dating from 1529.

Casa Mureșenilor (House Muresenilor)

Muresenilor House was founded in 1968 as a result of a donation made by the descendants of Mureşianu family. 

Inside of the museum

The museum has a very valuable collection of furniture, paintings, sculptures and the cultural testament of Jacob Mureşianu.

Next, I got to Schei Gate

 Şchei Gate (Poarta Schei) in Brașov was built in between 1827 and 1828 in order to let through heightened traffic.

Weaver’s Bastion Brașov

The Weaver Bastion is the work and toil of the craftsmen belonging to the weaver guild, being built during 1421-1436. The area this fortification had to protect was meadow below Mount Tampa situated on the south-west corner of the fortress.

Ropemaker’s Bastion Brașov

Built with stone and brick, the Rope maker’s Bastion has the shape of a hexagon with a height of 10-12 meters, 2 meters thick walls. The Bastion aimed to defend the southern side of the Brasov fortress wall.

I was very tired, so after Ropemaker’s Bastion I decided to return to Braşov Council Square. I will go through a very narrow street on the way.

String Street Brașov

Strada Sforii (String Street) is the narrowest street in the city of Brașov. It is believed to be one of the narrowest streets in Europe. 

Finally I arrived in front of the Biserica Neagră (Black Church).

Didn’t enter the Black Church, I just took some phots outside of the church.

Statue of Johannes Honterus and Entrance of the Black Church

I arrived in Council Square at 5:40 pm. Many tourists and locals are enjoying in the square.

Piața Sfatului (Council Square) at dusk

As I woke up early in this morning, and I have walked all the day, I am very tired. I am going to return to the hotel, take a shower, have dinner and go to bed soon. I will go to Sighișoara tomorrow. Sayonara. See you.

One thought on “Strooling Old Town, Brașov

  1. Thanks for taking us along on your wonderfully walking tour of Brasov. I so enjoyed being transported there through your pictures. Fancy those ropemaker bastion walls being two metres thick!! Amazing.

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