Orgel Museum Arashiyama Kyoto

From souvenir shop Juan (寿庵), we are walking to the Arashiyama railway station.

Souvenir shop Juan (寿庵) Sagano, Specialty egg food restaurant (こだわり卵専門店), Saga Park (嵯峨公園) and Kyoto Prefectural Highway Route 29 (府道29号).

We found a small museum on the way to the station. “Let’s get in.”

Orgel (Music Box) Museum Arashiyama Kyoto (京都嵐山オルゴール博物館)

The front yard of the music box museum. You can smoke here.

The entrance of the music box museum, doll guards will welcome you.

The ground floor of the house is a café.

You can enjoy tea and cake while listening to a wonderful music box.

After tea or coffee, let’s go to the museum on the first floor.

The collection of Guido Reuge, Swiss.

The watch and music box company, Reuge is located in a small village, Sainte-Croix, Switzerland. It was guided by Guido Reuge for more than sixty years. Reuge is currently the world leader in manufacturing luxury music boxes worldwide.

Guido Reuge

Guido Reuge and his wife Jacqueline traveled around the world and deepened friendship with many music box collectors. They collected huge number of music boxes and automatic dolls there, and learned the aesthetic sense and sensibility of the good old days through the music and mastery. Filled with ideas Reuge products were born in such a background. In the museum, they inherit the precious Guilo Reuge music box collection, carefully select valuable historical cultural heritage, exhibit and perform.

These antiques are very rare for Japanese.

The rooms are not so wide, but a tremendous number of antique music boxes and automata are on exhibition.

Very unusual antiques

“Moon of the end of the century” made by Francois Juno and “Clown et klivans”

Pierrot at the Well (Clown Talking to the Moon) and Singing Bird Cage (Made in France, in 1910)

Disk-type music box, polyphone mikado-style Germany in 1895, and machine music box.

Girls of the automaton, and Moon and clown

The movements of these dolls were like humans.

Automata of Arashiyama Music Box Museum

(Left picture; It is the real cigar that the doll is holding, spit smoke from the nose when you put on fire.)

Automaton “Moon of the end of the century”, the automata music box.

Singing to the Moon in 1890 (France), the movement of the clown is funny.

After the museum we walk down to the cafe on the grand floor, and had a set of  freshly baked waffle and ice cream, and mango juice. The atmosphere is good and the food was also delicious. Then, we entered the next door, music box shop.

Orger Shop of the museum

There were many lovely music boxes in the shop.

Reuge shop of the Orgel Museum Kyoto

It was fascinating to see centuries old moving music boxes. Most are expensive and antique and would be hard to see elsewhere. Don’t miss especially if you are interested in music & puppets. Now I feel that I was wandering in my dreams.

After this, we are going to the golden temple, Kinkakuji (金閣寺) Kyoto.

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