Going to Kyoto

Swiss grandchildren came to my home to stay during summer vacation. One day we decided to go to Kyoto. We will take a train called Shinkansen (bullet train) and travel to Kyoto.

We are waiting for the train going to Kyoto. The high – speed train of Shinkansen is caming. Getting in the train.

The Shinkansen (new trunk line) is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan, starting with the Tōkaidō Shinkansen (515.4 km) in 1964.

Scenery from the window of the train. We are running west from Tokyo.

By and by Mt. Fuji came into sight.

After crossing the Fuji River, the countryside spreads.

Arrived at the Kyoto station.

A new station building in an old town, and its ceiling.

Kyoto Station Area

Subway Karasuma Line

We get on the subway Karasuma line (烏丸線), get off at the second Shijo station (四条駅), and then we will go to the reserved ryokan (旅館 inn) on foot.

We got off the subway and went to the booked inn on foot, a big temple appeared.

This temple is very famous. It is called Bukkō-ji (佛光寺 Buddha temple), let’s enter for a moment.

Bukkō-ji (佛光寺 Temple of the Buddha’s Light) was founded and officially opened by a disciple named Ryōgen in 1324, but by the 15th century, Bukkō-ji was the largest and most successful temple. And its network of branch temples extending throughout the provinces of western Japan.

Main hall and office of the temple, Bukkō-ji

Bukkō-ji (佛光寺); Main gate. Temple of the Buddha’s Light, Amitabha. High altar of the main hall. Chōzuya.

Chōzuya; place for ritual cleansing of hands and mouth with water when visiting shrines or temples.

Walking approximately 200m from Bukkō-ji, you will arrive at the reserved inn.

Arrived at the reserved inn. Kyomachiya Ryokan Sakura – Urushitei (京町家旅館さくら うるし邸)

Situated a 10-minute walk from lively Kawaramachi area, Kyomachiya Ryokan Sakura Urushitei offers Japanese-style accommodation with modern facilities and traditional design. It provides a tour desk and a bar on the ground floor. Free WiFi is available in all areas.

Entrance of the inn and the Yukimi lantern (stone lantern with a tripod). The entrance is facing Takatsuji-dori Street.

Robby of the Inn

Reception, dining room, hearth room and breakfast of the inn. (Breakfast is a separate charge.)

Really narrow garden, you can smok here.

The brochure of the inn.

The inn staff is very kind and friendly. They speak English well. If you come to Kyoto, I can recommend this inn. This is the e-mail address. sakura@urushitei.jp

After this we will go to Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社Fushimi Inari Shrine).

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