Park of Love, Lima

We are going to Parque del Amor (Park of Love) from the Amano Pre-Columbian Museum.

Arrived in the Park of Love (Parque del Amor) Lima.

Love Park is located in Miraflores in Lima Province, Peru. It was opened on February 14th, 1993 on St. Valentine’s Day. With its paintings, sculptures and spectacular views of the coast, this is one of Lima’s most beautiful parks and a popular meeting place for lovers.

The park of love is on the cliff facing the Pacific Ocean.

The park of the love is a place of recreation and relaxation for local people.

The love park is impressive with a colorful mosaic pattern benchs.

It is reminiscent of Barcelona’s Guell Park created by Antoni Gaudí.

Sculpture called El Beso (The Kiss) in the center of the park.

It depicts the sculptor, Victor Delfín, and his wife kissing. According to local accounts, the mayor of the district holds a competition for the couple who could sustain the longest kiss, and this sculpture celebrates this.

The Pacific Ocean, views from the Park of Love.

Ice cream stall in front of the park.

Left the park of love, we are going to the booked restaurant called La Rosa Nautica. On the way to the restaurant, we stopped by the Kennedy Park and Central Park of Miraflores. These two parks are next to each other. Locals call the two parks Kennedy Park.

Kennedy Park Lima

Virgen Milagrosa or Saint Mary of La Rábida Parish Church is on the Kennedy Park Miraflores.

From Kennedy Park walking to the Central Park of Miraflores

Parque Central de Miraflores (Central Park)

The main gate of the Central Park Miraflores

Parque Kennedy (Kennedy Park)

John F. Kennedy Park; He was the thirty-fifth President of the United States of America, considered as an icon of American aspirations and hopes.

Kennedy Park and Central Park of Miraflores

Left the park, going to the restaurant Rosa Nautica at dusk.

The restaurant Rosa Nautica is on a pier that protrudes offshore.

Let’s enter that restaurant.

Opened in 1983, the restaurant’s dishes are mainly seafood. In the romantic restaurant on the pier protruding in the sea, Guests can enjoy the best cuisine while watching the splendid night view.

We had dinner in the restaurant Rosa Nautica.

The night views around the restaurant, the scenery was very beautiful.

After dinner, we moved to the International Airport of Lima and we left for home in Tokyo via Los Angeles. It was a very long flight and I got tired.

My travel in Peru and Bolivia is over. I will never visit the lands again because I am so old. However, in the unknown places, locals were very kind to me. I was very happy to see interesting different culture. I greatly appreciate Peruvians and Bolivians, and hope their happiness forever.

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