Amano Pre-Columbian Museum, Lima, Perù

From Machu Picchu back to the city of Lima, we decided to go to the Amano museum.

Lima is a pretty beautiful city.

Going to the Amano Museum in the district of Miraflores Lima.

The Amano Museum is located on the street of Retiro in the Miraflores district.

Retiro Street Miraflores Lima

Amano Pre-Columbian Museum

Founder Yoshitaro Amano

Yoshitaro Amano (1898 – 1982) is a Japanese businessman, Andean civilization researcher, who was active in Lima, established the museum. He is not known in the world, but I think he is like Heinrich Schliemann.

We arrived at the Amano Museum. OK, then, let’s enter the museum.

The museum mainly displays textile, earthenware and pottery.

Textile Exhibition Room. The room is dim to prevent fading of the display.

Exhibits of Amano Museum

Net like this was used by the earliest Peruvians. Made of Cabuya. (Cabuya is species of shrub (Agavaceae) native to the Yungas Area and western slopes of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. It is still a material such as rope.)

Los Nasca, Herederos del Desierto (Nasca, Heirs to the Desert)

Various fabrics developed in Chancay culture

Mysterious image

I took this picture in the museum looking at the video. I wonder if it is a creature in the legendary or mythological world. If you know about it, please let me know.

Mysterious Patterns

Fun patterns

Dyes are natural minerals and plants.

Chancay culture exhibition room

Chancay was a pre-Columbian archeological civilization which located on the central coast of Peru, from about CE 1000 to 1470.

Chancay Culture

They had no characters but had the number.

The guide explained each items, unfortunately I have forgotten most of it. Sorry.

The pottery of Chancay is very interesting. They are funny, aren’t they?

It got really fun as I watched it.

Unique ceramics painting

Outside the museum

It is time to leave the museum. Lotus are blooming outside the museum.I had a very fun time.

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