Larcomar Lima

From the pyramid of Huaca Huallamarca we are going to the booked hotel in Miraflores.

On the way, a strange building appeared so we took some pictures.

Parroquia Santa Maria Reina (Santa Maria Reina Parish Church)

The statue of the Virgin Mary in front of the church and the altar.

This parish church is not so big, but its interior is very beautiful. At that time one of my friends said, “Let’s go shopping after this.” Other friends replayed “Good idea!” (Disgusted! Fed up! Boring! Why do the almost women in the world so love shopping?) The guide took us to Parque Salazar (Salazar Park).

Going to the Salazar Park. Plaza Ovalo Gutierrez and Crossing of St. Jorge Chávez and Av. José Pardo

Eventually we arrived at Salazar Park.

My friends are walking to the Larcomar Shopping Center.

Larcomar is an exclusive shopping center in the Miraflores district of Lima. It is frequently visited by international tourists, as well as by locals from Miraflores and other parts of Lima.

Larcomar Shopping Center

Larcomar is located on Av. Jose Larco, and it is along the cliff next to the mar (ocean or sea in English).

My friends have gone to the Larcomar Shopping Center and I still have been in the Salazar Park taking some shots of the scenery around the park.  

Salazar Park, Cliff and Ocean

Gone down the stairs, I am entering the shopping center.

Walking on each floor.

A family is enjoying shopping. Looks happy.

Free open space. Locals are relaxing.

It’ time to leave the Larcomar Shopping Center, Adios!

Left the Larcomar Shopping Center we are going to the Hotel Casa Andina Premium Miraflores. We headed north along the Jose Larco Street and reached at the Miraflores Central Park.

I took some pictures at the park. Miraculous Virgin Mary Parish Church, Miraflores City Hall, Central Park and Nougat Vendor.

I walked to the hotel from the Miraflores Central Park, it was about 6 minutes away.

Arrived at the hotel of Casa Andina Premium Miraflores.

I have come to like the town of Lima, but probably won’t come back again. Gracias por la ciudad de Lima. (Thanks for the town of Lima.)

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