Pyramid Huaca Huallamarca Lima

We flew to Lima Peru from La Paz Bolivia at that morning.

Scenery, the city of La Paz. We are leaving the city of La Paz for the El Alto International Airport.

View of Lima city. We are going to a restaurant in the Barranco District from the Jorge Chávez International Airport.

Arrived at the reputable restaurant “Cala” in the Barranco District.

After lunch, we are going to the pyramid of Huaca Huallamarca in the San Isidro District.

Through the district of Miraflores, we are going to the pyramid called Huaca Huallamarca.

Miraflores District is an exclusive residential and upscale shopping district south of downtown Lima. It is also one of the most affluent districts that make up the city of Lima.

We arrived at the pyramid of Huaca Huallamarca Lima.

Huaca Huallamarca is an archaeological site, located in the district of San Isidro, in the city of Lima.

Well, let’s get a ticket and enter the ruins.

The small museum of Huaca Huallamarca. We have to enter this museum and study this pyramid first.

PREHISPAIC HUALLAMARCA : Around the year 200 BC, the Central Coast was the home of several social groups, who shared the same culture, language and beliefs, forming small political units not cohesive among them. Today the archaeological evidence of public architecture of these groups is scarce. Small pyramids associated to settlements are mentioned, in other cases, the existence of stone platforms associated to courtyards. In the Rímac River lower valley a rare example of public building is the Huallamarca pyramid, built based on small handmade irregularly shaped adobes.

Chronological table (North, Center, South)

After 200AC. one of these cultural groups imposed forming a cultural unit that integrated several valleys, this is Lima culture. From that time, Huallamarca was abandoned until become cemetery hosting burials and mummies of the Lima and Yshmay cultures. When the Incas arrived to the Rimac valley (1470), the Señorio Yshmay was conquered and became inyo the province of Pachacamac. At that time, on the east side of the first platform of the archaeological site, enclosures, courtyards, kitchen and storage areas were built. 

Inside the museum.

Exhibits at the museum are mainly pots such as pots, mummies, and masks of the dead.

Really funny pots.

Left the museum, a doggie is here.

“Why is this dog here?” I asked. The guide said. We call him the professor of archaeology, who live in here and is investigating ruins every day. “I see! He seems to be wiser than my son.” I muttered.

We are walking up this slope to the highest terrace of the pyramid.

It seems that they restored the original elliptical pyramid to the rectangular one.

Arrived at the top of the pyramid.

Landscape in Lima, from the Huaca Huallamarca.

Funeral Chamber, Mummies of Huaca Huallamarca

Mummy’s costume, It is very unique, happy face.

Explanatory board says.

Learn about the funeral.

After learning about the funeral, we decided to leave her

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