Strolling about the Old Town of La Paz

We are walking through the Commerce Street to the Saint Francis Square. 

Walking into the Comercio Street La Paz.

Before coming to Bolivia, I had heard that the country is needy. Do you think so?

Shopping District Comercio Street La Paz.

Got to the Pichincha Street we are crossing the pedestrian overpass.

Ismael Montes Boulevard La Paz, view from the footbridge.

Ismael Montes (1861 – 1933) was a Bolivian general and Politician. He served as the President of Bolivia between 1904 -1909 and once again between 1913 – 1917.

Gone down from the pedestrian overpass, a big market appeared on the street of Ingreso Calle Potosí.

Mercado Lanza (Market)

Mercado Lanza is a very large 3-story structure in the center of the historic district of La Paz, steps away from San Francisco church.

The market of Lanza has stall selling everything imaginable.

There are many outdoor small stalls in front of Mercado Lanza. You can have breakfast and lunch freshly made on the spot.

Plaza San Francisco, next to Mercado Lanza.

The Plaza San Francisco is a major urban plaza in the city of La Paz, and a frequent location for political gatherings and protests. It is located in front of the San Francisco Cathedral (from which it takes its name) and the Lanza Market.

San Francisco Church La Paz

The Iglesia de San Francisco is a Roman Catholic Church in the city of La Paz. The construction of the church was begun in 1549 during the Spanish colonial period and ended in the 18th century.

Façade of the San Francisco La Paz

Interior of the San Francisco La Paz

The baroque design combines Spanish style with indigenous elements. Church patron is St. Francis of Assisi.

Corridor and Courtyard of the San Francisco, the church is a part of the San Francisco Convent.

After the Iglesia de San Francisco we are walking into the street of Sagarnaga for some shopping.

Narrow street of Sagarnaga La Paz. Calle Sagarnaga has always been a prime spot for travelers.

This bustling street is located just south of Plaza San Francisco. In the 18th Century, the buildings lining Calle Sagarnaga were used by people traveling on foot between Potosi and the Peruvian coast to rest their weary legs.

Groceries on the street Sagarnaga, local women are shopping at stalls.

An old woman is spinning thread at the roadside.

Clothing shops on the Sagarnaga Street La Paz

Sagarnaga Street La Paz. Calle Sagarnaga is also home to one of La Paz’s most interesting and culturally fascinating attraction.

From the Sagarnaga Street we are walking into a side road called Calle Linares.

Linares Street La Paz

The Linares Street is one of the ancient roads of the city of La Paz, located in the district of San Sebastian, also known as the name of Calle de las Brujas (Street of the Witches).

Street of the Witches La Paz

Witches Market on the Linares Street

Witches Market sells strange things.

Things like traditional toys, Tools used by witches, Mummies of llama’s fetus, Love potions.

A witch is going home.

It is time to leave. So long! That was very funny.

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