Isla Incahuasi, Salar de Uyuni

(Isla Inca-huasi; Spanish isla means island, Inca is the Inca Empire, huasi is derived from the Quechua word wasi meaning house. Isla Incahuasi is Island of Inca House.)

We are going to a wonder islet called “Isla Incahuasi” floating on the Salt Flat of Uyuni at the morning.

Left the hotel, going to Isla Incahuasi, Uyuni. Someone came by motorcycle to the salt flat. I am a rider, too. He surely feel comfortable!

Really beautiful the Salt Flat of Uyuni.

We took some trick pictures on the way to the islet of Isla Incahuasi. A wise adult does not do something like this.

Distant view of Isla Incahuasi. We are approaching the islet of Isla Incahuasi.

Isla Incahuasi, the small island of rugged rocks and cactuses.

Arrived at Isla Incahuasi.

Isla Incahuasi (Island of Inca house) is a hilly and rocky outcrop of land and former island situated in the middle of Salar de Uyuni, at an elevation of 3,656 meters.

Pier or Entrance of the island? Let’s land on that island.

Landed on the island, an explanation board is there. The explanation board says that you have to go to the Register Office to get the admission ticket.

Get an admission ticket here.

Incahuasi has a total area of 24.62 hectares and hosts gigantic cactuses and a tourist center.

Here is the central square of this island.

Cuidar y respetar la planta milenaria el “cactu” (Care and treat the ancient plant of cactus.)

The starting point to the hilltop. “Now, let’s go to the top of the island.”

Walking up the path of the island.

Going up to the hilltop.

Flora of Isla Incahuasi; wild flowers and germination of cactus.

There are unusual and fragile coral-like structures and deposits that often consist of fossils and algae.

Arrived at the hilltop of Isla Incahuasi.

Mt. Tunupa Uyuni, view from the top of Isla Incahuasi.

The Mt. Tunupa is a volcano located on the northern edge of the Salar de Uyuni and is 5432 m high.

Well, let’s go down to the foot.

An arch made of coral fossils.

Walking on the mountain path I am very tired because the altitude is high here. But it was worth it.

Llamas and birds on the island of Incahuasi.

It is time to leave Isla Incahuasi.

Isla Incahuasi is the top of the remains of an ancient volcano, which was submerged when the area was part of a giant prehistoric lake, roughly 40,000 years ago. 

We are leaving Isla Incahuasi. It was very fun.


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