Colchani Bolivia

We arrived at the hotel in the Colchani village at dusk. The hotel is located near the Salar de Uyuni. It take 40 minutes (30 km).

Hotel Cristal Samaña Colchani Bolivia (The hotel is made of salt.)

I think this hotel is not really good hotel. They say it is a 4 stars hotel, but in fact it’s two and half stars. There is no fridge, kettle, tea and coffee set in the room.

The reception, lobby, corridor and my room of the hotel.

I had to stay at the hotel for three nights. If you come to here, you should stay at a hotel in the town of Uyuni.

The inside of the hotel.

The sunrise of the early morning, the view from the hotel.

We are going to the village of Colchani on the next morning. The road is not good.

From the hotel Cristal Samaña, getting into the town of Colchani.

Colchani is a village in the department of Potosí,  in the highlands of the South American Andean state of Bolivia. In 2009 it had an estimated population of 611.

Arrived at the town center of Colchani.

We visit a salt maker’s house first. Salt is piled up in the open air.

The village is located at an altitude of 3668m on the eastern bank of the Salar de Uyuni, and is a center of salt production at the salt lake.

Inside the salt-works. Purifying the raw material salt, packing it in a small bag and selling them.

Bought two small bags of salt here for my friend, and then I am going to the souvenir shops nearby.

A lot of souvenir shops are on the main street of Colchani.

A variety of colorful souvenirs.

A local female street vendor

Our hired jeep parking on the main street.

After souvenir shopping, we take the car again and are looking around the nurrow town of Colchani.

Train station, parish church and llama farm of the town of Colchani Bolivia.

And then we are heading to the Uyuni Salt Lake.

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