Going to Potosí Bolivia

We left the hotel in Sucre for the town of Potosí at 8:00 am in the morning. As I stay up late at night and sleep late in the morning… I am very sleepy.

Going to the next destination the city of Potosí Bolivia.

Before long, passing through a little village of Yotala.

Yotala is a district in the prefecture of Chuquisaca in the South American Andes. It borders of Sucre in the north, the province of Yamparáez in the east and Potosí in the west. It is 2,800 meters in elevation. The main industry of the village is agriculture and livestock production. It has a population of 9,403 inhabitants in the 2012.

Yotala, Puente Méndez on the Pilovoayo River, which is the border with the prefecture of Potosí.

Leaving the village of Yotala for the south through the national highway No. 5.

A nostalgic and gentle village of Millares, Bolivia.

Millares is a village in the Potosí prefecture in the South American Andes of Bolivia. The village is located at an altitude of 2,308 m on the eastern edge of the Bolivian Altiplano (unstable high plateau in Peru and Bolivia between the high mountain ranges) on the left bank of the Río Uchu Mayu. It has a population of 414 inhabitants (2012 census).

The river called Río Uchu Mayu. Leaving the village of Millares, there have been people’s activities from long ago in such a small village in the deep mountains.

From the village of Millares we are running to the southwest.

A small village is coming into view. It is a town of Betanzos.

Betanzos is a small town in the Potosí prefecture in the South American Andes Bolivia. It is central place of the county Betanzos and capital of the province Cornelio Saavedra and is located at an altitude of 3,327 m in the Bolivian highlands.

Parish Church of Betanzos

Betanzos has a population of 4,632 inhabitants (2012 census). The economy is like many other villages in the area, most of the population engages in agriculture.

From Betanzos heading to Potosi and getting into the city. Many houses are made from sun-dried bricks.

At last we arrived at the city of Potosí. Silver mine “Cerro Rico” (rich mountain) is in the front.


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