Sucre at Night

We came back from Tarabuco to the hotel in the city of Sucre. The hotel is called “Parador Sant Maria la real.” The hotel is located on the Bolivar Street, it take three minutes to the main square on foot.

Hotel Parador Sant Maria la real Sucre

The Hotel Parador Santa María La Real dates from the second half of the 18th century. The hotel was built on the manor house and orchard of the palace of the Royal Audience of Charcas, the highest judicial and administrative authority in this part of the Spanish empire in America.

Through the entrance, there is the reception on the left and the lobby on the right.

Blue Patio, indigo colored.

Next to Blue Patio is the Red Patio. My room is at the right corner of the red patio.

Bolivian young friends who are staying in the next room.

Come from the city of La Paz they will participate in matches of tennis tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to leave the town of Sucre tomorrow morning. So, I hope they will play good games.

Through the narrow hallway, going to the old dining room to have dinner.

A colonial passage way and underground rooms with ancient pictures, ceramics furnishings and other objects of art that are part of the décor, creating a truly unique environment.  

After dinner I am going out for a night walk and strolling about the main square.

Bolivar Street in front of the hotel, Parador Santa Maria la Real.

Sucre Cathedral on the main square, May 25th Plaza.

Town Hall of Sucre on the main square.

The park of May 25th Plaza, Sucre

Siku (Spanish, zampoña) musician in the park. (The siku is a traditional Andean pan flute.)

Balloon vendor and children.

Many locals rest in the park at night.

It is time to get back to the hote and go to bed already. Buenas noches.

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