Tarabuco Sunday Market

We are going to a village called Tarabuco at the Sunday morning. My friends say that the Sunday market of the village is famous and they really love shopping, but I am not interested in shopping. I think that it would be boring.

From Sucre going to the village of Tarabuco.

Tarabuco (officially San Pedro de Montalván de Tarabuco) is a small town of the province of Yamparáez in the department of Chuquisaca in the South American Andes. It is best known as the home of the Yampara culture.

Gate of Tarabuco, on the National Highway No. 6

Statues of the Gate of Tarabuco, I do not know their details, probably they are heroes of the Yampara tribe, Quechua.

Tarabuco is located at an altitude of 3,292 m, with a population of 2,977 inhabitants (2012 census).

Arrived at the edge of the village, from here we are walking into the center of Tarabuco.

Calle 1º de mayo (Street May 1st), this street will be turned into a pedestrian precinct on Sundays.

Each Sunday, a colorful and vibrant open-air market attracts locals and tourists alike. 

May 1st Street, gradually small shops open on both sides of the street.

A family who looks happy is having a late breakfast.

Town Hall of Tarabuco on the street of May 1st.

Turned to the right at this corner you will reach the main square of this village.

Arrived at “Plaza Principal 12 de marzo” (Main Square of March 12th).

The garden of the main square of Tarabuco.

Locals in traditional costumes

Many people wear traditional Yampara costumes, which not only preserve their identity but also advertise their location of origin within the area to others.

Street stalls around the main square.

Getting into the alleys.

Many people gather for county town. Most are women.

Sellers and customers seem to enjoy it.

Various things are sold here.

It was past 12 o’clock, we were looking for a restaurant and found it.

Restaurant “Pukara Wasi” Tarabuco Bolivia

Pukara Wasi offers the best typical regional food. You are able to observe the process and the techniques of the weaving in traditional loom, Yampara and Jalq’a Textile Handicraft of high quality.

Restaurant Pukara Wasi : Strange big tree trunk and pretty waitresses were impressive.

After lunch, we come back to the main square of Tarabuco.

Parish Church of San Pedro de Montalban on the main square of Tarabuco

When we arrived in the main square, the street stalls decreased considerably.

The people in front of the church are also sparse. It’s time to leave Tarabuco.

Adiós Tarabuco y gracias.

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