Plaza Pedro de Anzúrez Sucre

From the May 25th Plaza, walking to the Square Pedro of Anzúrez through the street of Audiencia and Grau. It will take 15 minutes, 1km.

A chocolate shop on the street, the Bolivian chocolate is very delicious.

Walked up a slope finally, and arrived in the Square Pedro of Anzúrez we are overlooking the town of Sucre.

View from the Square Pedro of Anzúrez, Sucre.

Town of Sucre, from the Plaza Pedro de Anzúrez

The Square Pedro of Anzúrez is originally a part of the Convent of La Recoleta. The Fuente is center of the square.

Bird’s‐eye view of the Convent of La Recoleta, the picture is from a brochure.

Founded in 1601 by the Franciscans, La Recoleta is located on the foot of the Cerro Churuquella Hill.

The Church of Saint Anne, Convent of La Recoleta.

The square is surrounded by the church, the museum, the gate of the convent, the Tanga Tanga (museum for children) and the corridor. 

Scenery of the Square Pedro of Anzúrez

The beautiful corridor with stone columns.

As walking through the cloister of the convent, we fund something like vendors or some stalls of the souvenir.

These are stands of the traditional textile and its products.

As passed through between these stalls, a museum appeared.

This house is the “Textile Fabrics Museum of Indigenous Art.” Let’s get into the museum.

The comfortable garden of the museum.

Indigenous Art Museum Sucre

Traditional patterns of Aymara and Quechua in the Andes of South America.

After the Indigenous Art Museum we are walking back to the May 25th Plaza at the evening.

Lovely kids are still playing in the square.

And we are walking to the booked hotel.

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