Afternoon Tea, at Suburbs of Tetbury

I visited Mrs. Pope Who dwells at the splendid mansion in Upton Grove of Tetbury suburbs. Her house is a really luxurious hall of the old feudal lord.Feudal Lord Mansion Tetbury SuburbsI had an afternoon tea with milk and the scones, very delicious.

After the tea, I looked around at the splendid rooms and the curiosities of the house,

Feudal Lord Mansion Feudal Lord Mansion      and then strolled in the large backyard.

Feudal Lord Mansion Feudal Lord Mansion Feudal Lord MansionShe is openhearted and has a tender heart. And she said that she has been to Kyoto, old capital of Japan several years ago.

Feudal Lord Mansionwe chatted in various ways. We spent very happy time each other.

I left this house around  6:00 p.m.  The lower photograph is the long gateway, carriage entrance. 

Upton Grove, Tetbury Gloucestershire   I feel a heartfelt gratitude for her warm welcom.

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