Bibury, England

Bibury is a village and civil parish in Gloucestershire, England. It is situated on the River Coln, about 60 km south of Stratford-upon-Avon.

Bibury Rack Isle

The artist and craftsman William Morris called Bibury “the most beautiful village in England” when he visited it.

I arrived at the Bibury village at 12:45 and had a lunch in Swan Hotel. The roast trout and grilled chicken were tasty.

The lower photo is the Hotel Swan Bibury

Swan Hotel

I strolled the village after lunch.

Bibury BiburyBibury

Its honey-coloured 17th century stone cottages with steeply pitched roofs once housed weavers who supplied cloth for fulling at nearby Arlington Mill.


Next to the River Colne in Bibury is a meadow bounded on three sides by water, which is seasonally flooded and currently provides a good habitat for water loving plants and birds.


Bibury was the most beautiful village which I have been to so far.

Bibury was the most beautiful village which I looked at so far.

There were few tourists, listening the murmur of the stream, song of the small birds and sound of the winds I was wandering around the village. It was the happiest time.

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