Chipping Campden Cotswolds District, England

The Cotswolds are a range of hills in southwestern and west-central England, an area 40 km across and 145 km long. The area has been designated as the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The highest point in the Cotswolds range is Cleeve Hill at 330 m, 4 km to the north of Cheltenham. File:East Banqueting Wool Church Chipping Campden.jpg               St James, a wool church; During the 13-15th centuries, the medieval period, the native Cotswold sheep were famous throughout Europe for their heavy fleeces and high quality of wool. Cotswold wool commanded a high price and the wealth generated by the wool trade enabled wealthy traders to leave their mark by building fine houses and wonderful churches, known as ” wool churches”. Even today, the sight of sheep on the hillside is still one of the classic Cotswold images.

Chipping Campden is one of the loveliest small towns in the Cotswolds and a gilded masterpiece of limestone and craftmanship.The main street curves in a shallow arc lined with a succession of ancient houses each grafted to the next but each with its own distinctive embellishments.  Sir Nikolaus Pevsner described Chipping Campden as ‘the best piece of townscape in Gloucestershire, arguably one of the best in England’.

Chipping Campden Town Map

I arrived at the village, Chipping Campden at 17:30,and stayed in this village for 2 days.  It was a really comfortable stay.

 Chipping Campden village

I wandered the village, such as High Street, Church Street, foot paths and others.

The Village Centre of Chipping Campden

Chipping Campden

Ancient Market Hall was built in 1627. It was for the purpose of giving shelter to the local market selling cheeese butter and poultry.
The ancient Market Hall

The houses on Hihg Street

Chipping Campden

St James church is one of England’s finest Wool Churches. Most of the church is 500 years old and was built with money from the flourishing wool trade.

Each of the lime trees leading from the main entrance to the porch represent an apostle.

St James church

Splendid residence of the Church Street.

Chipping Campden, Church St

In the next morning, I woke up at early morning for time difference and went for a walk as I could not sleep.

Sleepy Village of Chipping Campden

Chipping Campden Chipping Campden Chipping Campden Chipping Campden Chipping Campden Chipping Campden

Chipping Campden Village Hall: Beautiful grade II listed Town Hall in the centre of historic Chipping Campden. Very impressive upper hall with sprung wooden floor and open beams, plus smaller, cosy lower hall with stone feature walls.

Chipping Campden

Footpath ;  A footpath (pedestrian way, walking trail, nature trail) is a type of thoroughfare that is intended for use by pedestrians but not other forms of traffic, such as motorized vehicles. They can be paths within an urban area that offer more expedient or safer routes, or rural paths, such as a trail through the countryside.

Chipping Campden  Footpath Chipping CampdenFootpath Chipping CampdenFootpath Chipping CampdenFootpath Chipping CampdenFootpath Chipping Campden

The Noel Arms Hotel, Chipping Campden   Address: High Street, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire GL55 6AT  Tel: 01386 840317

The Noel Arms Hotel、Chipping Campden

The hotel at which I stayed was very comfortable. The staff were so friendly and helpful, the food was great, the room was well decorated and cozy, such a beautiful location.

I have been to many countries, Chipping Campden is one of my favorite places. Local people are shy, but faithful and kindhearted. I’d like to live in this village for one month in summer.

Sayonara! Chipping Campden.

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