The nice restaurant in Windermere.

My hotel “Low Wood Bay Hotel” is considerably far from the Windermere town center, there is no café, restaurant and souvenir shop around the hotel. I had to take dinner at the hotel restaurant, but I didn’t think that it was good.  So, I went to the Windermere town center next evening and entered the restaurant “Lamplighter Dining Rooms.”

Lamplighter Dining RoomsLamplighter Dining Rooms

This restaurant was very good. I ordered Oxtail Soup, Duck and New Potato Terrine and red wine, and finally ice cream and coffee.

Oxtail Soup  Duck and New Potato Terrine

I had heard that the British dish is not delicious; however, this restaurant is an exception. And the price of the dish is reasonable, too.

The hotel guest, Mr. Thomas Gray (I got to know him in this hotel) told me the restaurant.

Tom, I had the nice meal through your suggestion.Thank you!

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