Glen Coe, Highland, Scotland

Glen Coe (Scottish Gaelic) is a glen (gorge or canyon) in the Highlands of Scotland.


It is often considered one of the most spectacular and beautiful places in Scotland, and is a part of the designated National Scenic Area of Ben Nevis (the highest mountain in the British Isles, 1,344 metres above sea level) and Glen Coe.

Enjoy scenery of Glen Coe.

Glen CoeGle CorGlen CoeGlen CoeGle CoeGle coe

Massacre of Glencoe; Glencoe has a historical fact, called Massacre of Glencoe. This is a really dreary and miserable historic fact, and I cannot endure writing this thing here. You should check it by yourself on the Internet. It is easy.

The English are really nasty, has a dog in the manger attitude. As I will be going to England after this, I must be careful about them.

Here is a poetry ; Glencoe

Sigh, wind in the pine;
River, weep as you flow;
Terrible things were done
Long, long ago.In daylight golden and mild
After the night of Glencoe
They found the hand of a child
Lying in the snow.Lopped by the sword to the ground
Or torn by wolf or fox,
That was the snowdrop they found
Among the granite rocks.Oh, life is fierce and wild
And the heart of the earth is stone
And the hand of a murdered child
Will not bear thinking on.Sigh, wind in the pine,
Cover it with snow;
But terrible things were done
Long, long ago.

By Douglas Alexander Stewart

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