Edinburgh Royal Terrace Hotel

Edinburgh Royal Terrace Hotel  Edinburgh Royal Terrace Hotel    I stayed at this hotel for 2 overnights.  But as for me, this hotel is not recommended to you.

The lobby is small and dark. Edinburgh Royal Terrace Hotel

They say that this hotel is four stars hotel, but it is doubtful.  The view from the window was bad, and my room was a basement.  There are no shops and retaurants near the hotel.

There are few street lights, it is really dark and cannot take a walk in the evening.
Edinburgh Royal Terrace Hotel

Probably my room must have been a storeroom or a room of the servants in old days.        I stayed at the 3 star hotel in Inverness, but like this one more from the Royal Terrace Hotel.

This is the address and the phone number of Royal Terrace Hotel. If you would like to stay at this hotel. You should call the hotel.

Royal Terrace Hotel:18 Royal Terrace Edinburgh EH7 5AQ Tel: +44 (0) 131 557 3222

I am going to leave Edinburgh for Inverness by train tomorrow.

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