Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad, Switzerland

High quality resort, Gstaad is a little village in the German-speaking section of the Canton of Bern in southwestern Switzerland. It is part of the municipality of Saanen and is known as a major ski resort. Gstaad has a population of about 3,200 and is located 1,050 metres above sea level.

Gstaad, Switzerland

Mountain resort famous celebrities from all walks of life around the kings and princes, business leaders, and movie star crowd. It is rustic mountain village surrounded by beautiful nature, also has elegant five-star hotels and exclusive boutiques, such as the towering castle on the hill.

It is also known as the tennis village, famous Tennis tournament “Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad” is held in a refreshing highland climate.

Gstaad, Switzerland

Gstaad Town Map

Gstaad Town Map Switzerland

Hotel  1 Palace Hote  2 Grand Hotel Park  3 Hotel Arc-en-ciel  4 Grand Hotel  Bellevue  5 Hotel Bernerhof  6 Hotel Christiania  7 Hotel Le Grand Chalet  8 Hotel Alphorn  9 Hotel Gstaaderhof  10 Hotel Olden  11 Posthotel Rössli  12 Sporthotel Victoria  13 Hotel Bellerive

Restaurant/Tea Rooms  21 Restaurant Chesery  22 Restaurant Rialto  23 Tea Room Apple Pie  24 Tea Room Charly’s  25 Tea Room Café Pernet

Institute  30 International School  31 Le Rosey Gruppenunterkünfte (Group Accommodation)  A, Berghaus Wispile  B, Berghaus Eggli C, Kirchgemeindehaus  D, Ferienlager Eggli

Eenjoy some photographs of Gstaad

Gstaad, Switzerland Gstaad, Switzerland Gstaad, SwitzerlandGstaad, Switzerland Gstaad, Switzerland Gstaad, SwitzerlandGstaad, SwitzerlandGstaad, Switzerland

The village of Gstaad is picturesque and very quiet, I really love it. But the place is not for me, it is for world royalties and titled nobilities.

The poor traveler left the village.

I am going to the U.K. next week.  I will take some photographs of the Nessie at Loch Ness in Scotland and play with Peter Rabbit in the Lake District.

So I am very busy in preparation for the trip now. After the trip, I will show you the articles.

See you.

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