Les Diablerets, Switzerland

At past 10:00, I arrived at the small village of Alps mountains. The village is called Les Diablerets.Les Diablerets Switzerland  Les Diablerets, in the heart of the Vaud Alpsan, lies between Lake Geneva and Gstaad at an altitude of 1200 metres.Les Diablerets Switzerland     No human figure, heard only the song of the birds and sound of the wind.Les Diablerets Switzerland

According to the legend, in the Middle Ages, the rock wall of the mountain massif which surrounds the small village was regarded as a dangerous and cursed place where the devil did his worst. Accordingly, the place name of Les Diablerets also derives from the French ‘le Diable’, the devil.

Les Diablerets SwitzerlandLes Diablerets Switzerland

It was just quiet in the village. I entered a souvenir shop and got some cards for the memory then left the village.

File:Les Diablerets.jpg

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