Col du Pillon and Glacier 3000, Switzerland

Col du Pillon (elevation:1546 m) is a mountain pass in the western Swiss Alps. Col du Pillon is overlooked by the Diablerets and at the pass is located the lower station of the Sex Rouge cable car.Col du Pillon Switzerland

The Cable-car Station of Glacier 3000 (Glacier 3000 is a company that operates several cable cars and ski lifts in the region of the Diablerets in western Switzerland.)Glacier 3000, Col du Pillon Switzerland

I went up the mountain top, “Sex Rouge” by the cable car. (I don’t know why they call it “Sex Rouge.” It’s really  strange name.)

Col du Pillon Switzerland

The Sex Rouge is a mountain situated in the Diablerets massif of the Bernese Alps, overlooking Les Diablerets. The summit is connected from the Col du Pillon by a cable car operated by Glacier 3000.

The cable car station of the mountaintop Sex Rouge.

Glacier 3000 Switzerland The Sex Rouge Switzerland

You can do skiing throughout the year here.

I climbed the narrow stairs more to the observatory. At an altitude of 3,000m above sea level, I got out of breath.

Glacier 3000 Switzerland Glacier 3000 SwitzerlandGlacier 3000 Switzerland

The view from the observatory was a splendid panorama. But wind was strong and extremely cold. I was frozen to the bones.

As a noisy Chinese party traveler left、I moved to the restaurant. Enjoying the scenery I had hot coffee and a cake. I don’t want to be with the arrogant, upstart Chinese who does not know the manners at all. Glacier 3000 Switzerland

After taking a coffee break, I got into the cable car and back to Col du Pillon.

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