Morges, Switzerland

Morges, the small town on Lake Geneva near Lausanne, in addition to interesting museums and sights mainly offers a lot of excursion destinations in the immediate vicinity. The La Côte (The Hill) vineyards deserve particular notice. Morges Switzerland  Here’re Morges Town Mapsplan d'accès à la galerie ROUGEMorges Switzerland  Lochmann Street and The LakeMorges Switzerland          Louis de Savoie Street, Market in MorgesMorges SwitzerlandMorges Switzerland

Morges Castle and Military MuseumFile:Morges château.jpg Morges Castle is a medieval castle in Morges and a Swiss heritage site of national significance. In 1286, Louis of Savoy founded a city in a pasture where a gallows previously stood. A castle was built to protect the city, which quickly developed into an administrative and market center as well as a hub for transporting goods by land and sea.Morges Switzerland              Courtyard of the castleMorges Switzerland        The exhibition of the Military Museum and the view of Morges Harbor from the castleMorges Switzerland          After the castle, walking to the harbor Morges Switzerland  Alley of Igor Stravinski Morges Switzerland

Morges is a typical lakeside town opposite majestic Mont-Blanc. Its pedestrian central street in the heart of the old town is the venue of lively markets and shops. Restaurants serve Morges AOC wine, the major appellation in the Lake Geneva Region.
I really love this town.

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