Bern (2), Switzerland

Going to the bear park across the Nydeck Bridge.

Nydeggbrücke (Nydegg Bridge)

A bear pit was historically used to display bears, typically for entertainment and especially bear-baiting. The pit area was normally surrounded by a high fence, above which the spectators would look down on the bears.


Bears have been kept in Bern since 1513. Until 1857 they were in the city itself, then in the bear pit and, from 2009, in the BearPark.

bear pit

A visit to the BearPark is a special experience for children as well as adults. Paths run through the park down to the Aare riverside path, giving visitors great insight into the lives of the bears. They can watch the bears play, bathe and climb right in front of their eyes.

After the bear park, I strolled in the neighborhood. It is very splendid scenery.

Aare River Bern

Aaer River

Bern Bear Park

Nydeck Bridge; passing through the bottom of the arch of the bridge.

Aare River Bern

As it was the unique house by the river bank, I released the shutter. I do not know what house it is. Please tell me if you know it.

After this, I moved to Nyderggasse (street) and had an omelette for lunch at the restaurant on the street .

bern restaurant

I had no an appetite with jet lag, but the omelette was good.

After the lunch I moved to Paul Klee Museum.

Zentrum Paul Klee

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