Old Town Warsaw, Poland

The plan of the Old Town in Warsaw The plan of the Old Town in Warsaw

Stone Steps 2 Historical Museum of Warsaw  3 Barbican  4 The city walls  5 Tenement Salwator  6 Leather Craft Guild Museum im. J. Kilińskiego  7 A town house of St. Anna  8 Tenement Fukierów  9 Museum of Literature 10 Museum of Applied Arts and Precision 11 Church of Sts. Martin 12 Gothic Bridge 13 A town house of Pelican 14 Cathedral. John the Baptist 15 Shrine of Our Lady of Grace  16 Kanonia 17 The Royal Castle 18 The Palace at Tin Roof 19 Tunnel routes WZ 20 Gnojna Top 21 Mermaid statue 22 Zygmunt’s Column

1 Stone Steps

The picturesque lane leading to the Vistula River, it was from here that Napoleon Bonaparte saw the Vistula in 1806.

 2 Historical Museum of Warsaw File:VarsaviaPiazzaMercatoCittàVecchiaLatoDekert.jpg The Museum occupies eleven houses in the Old Town, eight facing the Old Town Square and three on Nowomiejska Street. Also included are three courtyards. The houses comprise 52 rooms with permanent exhibitions, 4 with temporary exhibitions, a cinema, a library, a reading room and offices. 3 Barbican and 4 The city wallsWarsaw barbicanWarsaw barbican The Warsaw Barbakan represents the defensive walls and towers that once protected the city. Built in the middle of the 16th century, it originally rose from the base of a moat that also surrounded the city. The Warsaw Barbakan quickly fell out of use for defensive purposes, though it served as a city gate into Old Town Warsaw. Damaged in WWII, it has since been restored, and it serves as a place for vendors to sell souvenirs and artwork. It also serves as a border between Old Town Warsaw and New Town. Ramparts that extend from either side of the Warsaw Barbakan can be walked by visitors. 5 Tenement Salwator File:Kamienica Franciszka Salwatora - 01.jpg The most notable examples of Renaissance architecture in the city are the house of Baryczko merchant family (1562), building called Salwator tenement (1632). 6 Leather Craft Guild Museum im. J. Kilińskiego Exposition includes two workshops: cobbler’s and saddler’s equipped with tools used by craftsmen in the 19th century. You can also find there other historic tools, guild documents, slides illustrating interiors of workshops from the 15th to 20th century, models of different kind of shoes. 7 A town house of St. Anna Town House St. Ann 8 Tenement Fukierów File:Rynek Starego Miasta - Strona Kollataja 2012 (1).JPG Fugger House on the Old Town Marketplace, Warsaw

9 Museum of Literature

Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature

Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature

Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature is a museum in Warsaw, Poland. It was established in 1950. The Museum of Literature, situated at the heart of the Old Town on Market Square, not far from its prestigious counterpart, the Warsaw History Museum, presents a history of Polish literature. In addition, temporary exhibitions dedicated to foreign authors are regular events, thus demonstrating (as if this was necessary) the capital’s open-mindedness and its interest in the wider cultural world. The Ruins of the Castle of Balaklava These shapeless heaps of rubbish, which were castles, Once your pride and your defense, O infertile Crimea! Lie today on the mountains like skulls of giants, Inhabited by the reptile Or by men more abject than the reptile. Let us climb the tower, search out traces of armories; What do I see! an inscription. Perhaps the name of a hero Terror of armies, who sleeps in oblivion, Surrounded like an insect with the leaves of the wild vine. Here Greeks have chiseled Attic ornaments into the walls; There the Italians gave fetters to the Mongols, And the pilgrim to Mecca murmured the words of the namaz. Today the vultures crown the tombs With their black wings, As on the ramparts of a city exterminated by the plague A flag of death eternally flies.

Adam Mickiewicz

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