Elblag Canal, Poland

Elblag is a city in northern Poland with 127,892 inhabitants and the capital of Elbląg County. The city is a port on the river Elbląg which flows into the Vistula Lagoon about 10 km to the north, thus giving the city access to the Baltic Sea via the Russian-controlled Strait of Baltiysk.

The history of Elblag starts in 1237, when the Teutonic Knights built a castle near a river called ‘Elblag’. Soon a settlement grew up around the castle, which in 1247 received a constitution under Lubeck law, thus becoming the city of Elbing, as it was originally known.

St. Nicolaus ChurchSt. Nicolaus Church

Reconstructed buildings in the Old CityReconstructed buildings in the Old City

Elbląg River todayElbląg River today

Elblag River is a canal in Poland, 80.5 km in length, which runs southward from Lake Drużno (connected by the river Elbląg to the Vistula Lagoon), to the river Drwęca and lake Jeziorak. It can accommodate small vessels up to 50 tons displacement. The difference in water levels approaches 100 m, and is overcome using locks and a remarkable system of tracks between lakes.

Today it is used mainly for recreational purposes. It is considered one of the most significant monuments related to the history of technology and was listed by Unesco as a memorial to world culture inheritances. In Poland it has recently been named one of Seven Wonders of Poland.

I got on the ship called “The Marabut (Marabou Stork)” at 11:30.Elbląg CanalI got on Marabut. Elbląg CanalElbląg CanalElbląg CanalElbląg Canal         This is the ship “MARABUT” navigating the canal.The Marabut (Ibis)

I got on this ship which travels on the land.

I really love Elbląg district, here is very quiet and beautiful.

Canal Bank Walk

Leafy-with-love banks and the green waters of the canal
Pouring redemption for me, that I do
The will of God, wallow in the habitual, the banal,
Grow with nature again as before I grew.
The bright stick trapped, the breeze adding a third
Party to the couple kissing on an old seat,
And a bird gathering materials for the nest for the Word
Eloquently new and abandoned to its delirious beat.
O unworn world enrapture me, encapture me in a web
Of fabulous grass and eternal voices by a beech,
Feed the gaping need of my senses, give me ad lib
To pray unselfconsciously with overflowing speech
For this soul needs to be honoured with a new dress woven
From green and blue things and arguments that cannot be proven.

Submitted by Andrew Mayers

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