16 St. Catherine church

The history of this oldest church dates back to the thirteenth century in old city, and it may be said that the pictures are the highlight. In addition, there is a gravestone of famous astronomer Johann Hewelke and the reputation of a beautiful helmet called crown “of display and the” town of the copy of the carillon which is a musical instrument in the 16th century in the tower of 76 meters in height reaches the distant place and gathers interest.

 17 Church of St. Burigida 

Church of St. Burigida

St. Burigida church was built in the early 15th century from the end of 14th century. It became the place of meeting and hideout of the opposite campaigner at the time of strike of the anti-communism worker of August, 1980, and the name stayed in the history.            You can look at the splendid sacred utensils of amber there.

Gradow Hill (46-meter-high), next to the station

31 Millenium Cross on the hill

Millenium Cross Gdansk

30 Gdansk fortress (Grodzisko Fort) on the hill.

Gdansk fortress

Grodzisko Fort is located in the very center of Gdańsk, in the closest distance to the Main Railway Station and Central Bus Depot. It is situated on the Gradowa Hill, which is of more than 40 m height and dominates over the center of Gdańsk. The place was fortified around the 17th century and – together with Bishop’s Hill – formed the western front of Gdańsk’s fortifications.

Leave for the Oliwa Cathedral. On the way I passed the front of the house, the first

Formar Polish President Lech Wałęsa, here’s his villa. 

Mansion of Walesa

Arcathedral Basilica of The Holy Trinity, Blessed Virgin Mary and St Bernard in Gdańsk Oliwa

File:Oliwa kathedraal.jpgGdańsk Oliwa Archcathedral is a church located in Gdańsk, Oliwa district; dedicated to The Holy Trinity, Blessed Virgin Mary and St Bernard.

The archcathedral in Oliwa is a three-nave basilica with a transept and a multisided closed presbytery, finished with an ambulatory. The façade is flanked by two slender towers, 46-metres tall each with sharply-edged helmets. It is enlivened by a Baroque portal from 1688, as well as three windows of different sizes and three cartouches. The crossing of the naves is overlooked by a bell tower, a typical element of the Cistercian architecture. The cathedral is 17.7m high, 19m wide and 107m long, which makes it the longest Cistercian church in the world. It holds works of art in Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Classical style of great artistic value.Oliwa CathedralOliwa CathedralOliwa Cathedral

There are two organs located in the cathedral: A small choir organ from 2003 with a 16th century case, and the big main organ built 1763 – 1788. The instrument was rebuilt on several occasions, most recently in 1966 – 1968 . The organ case is unique in the world and is considered one of the largest cases world wide.

I enjoyed this wonderful organ playing with Polish children. As I was impressed very much, contributed € 50 donation. (Small money could not be found.)

I’ve heard an Organ talk, sometimes

I’ve heard an Organ talk, sometimes
In a Cathedral Aisle,
And understood no word it said—
Yet held my breath, the while—

And risen up—and gone away,
A more Berdardine Girl—
Yet—know not what was done to me
In that old Chapel Aisle.

Emily Dickinson

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