Jasna Góra Monastery, Częstochowa (Chenstekhov), Poland

Częstochowa (Chenstekhov)is a city in south Poland on the Warta River with 240,027 inhabitants.  The town is known for the famous Pauline monastery of Jasna Góra, which is the home of the Black Madonna painting, a shrine to the Virgin Mary.                                     Every year, millions of pilgrims from all over the world come to Częstochowa to see it. The city was became home to the Frankism religion in the late 18th and 19th Century. There is also a Lusatian culture excavation site and museum in the city and ruins of a medieval castle in Olsztyn, approximately 25 kilometres from the city centre.

Czestochowa City Hall and Jasna Góra MonasteryCzestochowa City HallJasna Góra Monastery

Jasna Góra Monastery is the most famous shrine to the Virgin Mary in Poland and the country’s greatest place of pilgrimage – for many its spiritual capital. The image of Black Madonna of Częstochowa, to which miraculous powers are attributed, is Jasna Góra’s most precious treasure.                                                                                                          Founded in 1382 by Pauline monks who came from Hungary at the invitation of Władysław, Duke of Opole. The monastery has been a pilgrimage destination for hundreds of years, and it contains the most important icon of the Virgin Mary in this part of Europe. The icon, depicting the Mother of God with the Christ Child, is known as the Black Madonna of Częstochowa or Our Lady of Częstochowa, which is widely venerated and credited with many miracles.

The entrance of the monasteryand its icons.Jasna Góra MonasteryJasna Góra MonasteryBlack MadonnaJasna Góra Monastery        This monk guided me in the church. Although it was Saturday, in the church that was filled with pilgrims and believers.Jasna Góra MonasteryJasna Góra MonasteryJasna Góra Monastery        Black Madonna of Częstochowa, I prayed to the Virgin Mary.Black Madonna of Częstochowa       I bought several sheets of postcard, and left the monastery listening hymn.

I’ve heard an Organ talk, sometimes

I’ve heard an Organ talk, sometimes
In a Cathedral Aisle,
And understood no word it said—
Yet held my breath, the while—

And risen up—and gone away,
A more Berdardine Girl—
Yet—know not what was done to me
In that old Chapel Aisle.

Emily Dickinson

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