Zakopane, Poland

The Zakopane region is widely known for its unspoiled nature and majestic landscapes. Not only are the Tatras the highest Polish mountains but they also share many characteristics with the Alps. Being the National Park for over forty years, the Tatras are under strict protection thus, it is an ongoing concern of the developing town not to interfere or endanger its natural environment.

The Tatra Mountains are a mountain range which forms a natural border between Slovakia and Poland, and are the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains. Tatras occupy an area of 750 km², of which the greater part lies in Slovakia. In turn, summit Rysy (2,499 m), located in the north-western part of Tatras, is the highest mountain in Poland.Panoramic view of Tatras from the Polish side                Panoramic view of Tatras from the Polish side

I entered the restaurant as soon as I arrived at Zakopane.

Restaurant Gazdowo Kuznia

Restaurant Gazdowo Kuznia

 I tried the local liquor “Litworoka Polowaca” at the restaurant.

Litworoka Polowaca Restaurant Gazdowo Kuznia     

Litworoka Polowaca and Lovely waitress

Litworoka Polowaca is made from fruit like Rakia and Tuica, the taste is the same.  The dish of this restaurant was delicious.

After lunch, I was exploring the Krupowki street.

Krupowki street; At the turn of the 20th century, Krupówki street became a very important trade, service and administration centre of Zakopane. The middle part of the street very quickly gained an urban character, and a lot of brick buildings were put up then. This was in fact the result of a fire that broke out on January, 21st in 1899 and devastated a few dozen of houses in this part. It was a year later that new brick houses were started and built on the very same spot.Krupowki streetKrupowki streetKrupowki streetKrupowki streetKrupowki streetKrupowki street

Entered the church of The Holy Family Church.

The Holy Family Church  The Holy Family Church  Holy Family Church

Located at Krupowki Street, the Holy Family Chuch is the oldest stone church in Zakopane. The neo-Romanesque church dates back to the end of the 19th century. The interior is a mixture of neo-Romanesque and Zakopane styles. The only purely Zakopane-style element of the church is the chapel of St. John the Baptists, adjacent to the church.

Got into the Oscypek Market, Polish oscypki is a smoked cheese. I tryed some smoked cheeses, but the cheeses are not palatable to me.Oscypek market in Zakopane、Oscypek market in Zakopane、 I passed through the cheese bystreet, went to the station of the cable car and got into the funicular.

Zakopane cable car station          The Cable Car Station, ZakopaneZakopane cable car station The cable car station and souvenir shopons on Gubałówka Hill Gubałówka HillGubałówka Hill          The weather was bad, the view from the hill was not good. Took the cable car again, descended to the lower world.
And I took the bus to leave.

An altered look about the hills

An altered look about the hills—
A Tyrian light the village fills—
A wider sunrise in the morn—
A deeper twilight on the lawn—
A print of a vermillion foot—
A purple finger on the slope—
A flippant fly upon the pane—
A spider at his trade again—
An added strut in Chanticleer—
A flower expected everywhere—
An axe shrill singing in the woods—
Fern odors on untravelled roads—
All this and more I cannot tell—
A furtive look you know as well—
And Nicodemus’ Mystery
Receives its annual reply!
Emily Dickinson

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