Nice Hotel, Holiday Inn Krakow, Poland

I have been to many countries for sightseeing. So, I have stayed in huge number of hotel rooms. But I don’t remember most about the rooms now, except for the two rooms.

One of them is Kadioglu Sehzade Konagi Hotel Safranbolu, Turkey. That room is like a barn, since it is too terrible, I complaind to the tour conductor, but she didn’t try anything.

And  other is the room of Holiday Inn Hotel Krakow. The room (my room number is 515) is great, I had a lot of experience and adventure in the room.Holiday Inn     This is the Hotel Holiday Inn Krakow. I have been to Krakow  this May and had a room in the hotel of Holiday Inn. When I entered my room (No.515), the room has two tilt windows, fortunately, one of them is opened, the upper to open about 10 cm.

But for anoter one, I could not open it, because the tilt window didn’t have the handle to open it. So, I asked  the tour conductor to get pliers to open the window from the reception.

I tried to open the window, but you see, I’m over sixty years old, no power any longer, so I couldn’t open the window. And I gave up it. And I changed my mind, I keep opening one window all day long, ventilation of the room will be sufficient.

After a while, I noticed it is very hot in the room. The air conditioner didn’t work well. So I made a phon call to the reception, saying the room (no. 515) is too hot.

Soon, young sissy got into my room, and set small dial on the wall from 0 to 3, and larger one to -5, and said “This room will be a comfortable temperature.” Then I checked the mouth of the ventilation, and said to him ” it is not working yet.” And he responded “You have to wait for a while.” So I decided to wait until the working air conditioning.

I have been waited for five days but it did not work until the end. It was really hot in the room, so I took off the shirt, and the undershirt, finaly the pants. At that time, a bright idea popped up into my mind.

I approached the door, and put the chain on the door, then opened it. There was a gap some 10cm between the wall and the door. I plugged a half bottle of wine  into the gap that was from the refrigerator in my room. It was really nice,  Air flowed through the room from the boor to the window. The temperature of the room is comfortable by the poor of midsummer. It reminded me Sahara desert where I had been to this March.

And I wanted to drink whiskey with water there. I had a bottle of “Chivas Regal” that I had got at the duty free shop. However, I had a problem. They said that the tap water should not drink in the hotel. Therefore they offered two bottle of  water every day. I took the bottols to try to make the whiskey with water, but they were gas-filled water. I hate the whiskey and gas-filled water.

I have visited the room oppsite and asked piteously to have some water for this reason. A middle-aged man poured water my glass, however, his wife gave me a bottle of non-gas water that was from the hotel. I thought that they were probarbly visitors from germany. I have lived in Germany when I was young, so I really like Germany, especially women.

I was enjoying the whisey with water in my room, and thought even if I lose all my property and money but I can make my living myself as a beggar. However, I have one problem here. I must secure the source of water.

I poured tap water into the electrical kettle and boiled it afterwards. I threw away water with gas and filled the plastic bottle with boiling water and cooled it in the refrigerator. So I have enough water.

Strangely, they continued supplying water with gas to my room for five days.  That is why I put pillow money first, but did not put a tip afterwards.

The room was very comfortable. A pleasant wind flowed toward the window from the door. If you were a smoker, you could enjoy smoking by the window, smok gone out the window soon. And the room was warm as the Sahara desert,  I spent it in nude. (I put on only the panties). I remembered Dubrovnik Lokrum island naturist beach, understood the feeling of the nudists.

Holiday Inn Kraków City Center received the international award in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was “Europe Hotel Awards.” Congratulations! Hotel Holiday Inn Kraków.

Europe Hotel AwardI thought that It was natural that this hotel caught the prize. Because, even if I were shipwrecked and stranded on a desert island, this hotel trained me to survive. And in Krakow, Poland I was able to remember Sahara desert and Lokrum island Adriatic Sea.

This hotel was further harsh training to me.
The last day of staying in Krakow, after a walking in Old Town, I got back to the hotel and took the elevator. I push the ⑤ button to return to the room on the fifth floor. The elevator began to move in a good humor, but froze up soon like my computer.

I pushed some buttons, but do not work at all. I understood this is Pole temperament. when I pushed the bell mark button I heard the sound that a bell rang faintly . But no one answered. I thought as elevator takes the rest, I will take the rest too. Walking around the Old Town I had been tired.

Leaning against the wall to take a rest I pushed the bell button from time to time. In this box of elevator is more comfortable than my hotel room, not so hot. It would be nice if there was a blanket.

30 minutes later, I heard some voice of somebody speaking. The following is my conversation with someone.

S(someone): Nie jesteś, co robisz. Ah….?

I:  I’m sorry, please talk in Japanese.

S: (Silence for a while ) Nie widzę w jaki sposób mogą zrozumieć Japończyków.

I: (don’t understand what he is speaking) Could you talk in English?

S: What happened?

I: I don’t know what happens. It looks like that the elevator take some rest now.  So I don’t arrive at my floor. Could you tell me the timetable of this elevator?

S: Miejsce lub próbuje zrobić! (I don’t understand.)  Where are you now?

I: I’m in the elevator, in the box of elevator.

S: No! Where is your elevator now?

I: I don’t know that. I can’t look at outside, I only look at ceiling, walls and floor of the elevator, you sould ask the elevator.

S: Gówno! ( I don’t undastand What he is saying. I have to  wait for a while.)                  ( After 20 minutes, the door suddenly opened. Elevator had stopped at a little lower than the second floor. )

S: Get out! Aer You okay? (He was clearly ill-tempered.)

I: Thank you so much! I got some rest, thanks to the elevator.

S: I will take you to the fifth floor. (He take me, get into the next elevator and push ⑤, but the elevator do not work at all.)


I climbed the stairs to the fifth floor and got ready to leave in the room. Then I went down the stairs to the ground floor and was going to check out at the reception… That clerk did not receive the key. I was somewhat puzzled for that, however, a very beautiful woman appeared smailing sweetly. I’ve never met a woman such so beautiful so far.

She said “I am a general manager of this hotel and I must apologize for a lot of trouble to you. How is the feeling?”  I answered “I feel some sick at stomach, do you have any medicine?” “Unfortunately, I do not buy such medicines without doctor’s prescription, in Poland. How about herbal tea in the quiet room.”  It was a strong temptation for me. It would be great to take herbal tea and talk about Polish circumstances of the medicine with this beauty in the quiet room.

Unfortunately, I’ve promised the women in the souvenir shop “Amber Gallery” to come and have some goods. So I said to her “What I want is to leave this hotel immediately. Then, the tour conductor who was listening beside me were yelling to me. “DO YOU CHECK OUT SOON, THEN!” She surely takes money under the table from the hotel. This trip was planned by “Design Room of the Trip.” in Tokyo, Japan.

I hurry to check out the hotel according to the tour conductor’s instructions. And then I rushed to the souvenir shop “Ambber Gallery” and purchased some products of the amber to my wife and daughters.  After this I took a lunch and headed to Warsaw by bus.

Now I’m writing this blog  in Tokyo. It was a strange trip indeed. I like Krakow and love the people in the city, they are innocent and good-natured, however, they are not able. I am thinking that mysterious inn, what  that inn was. I do not know it still. I think that I have to visit once again.

I strongly recommend you that you should visit Krakow and take the room (515) of Holiday Inn.  You will discover and experience some mystery, strange,and wonder like Darwin and Gulliver. I will go there someday. But make not mistake, that hotel is not 5-star, it’s a 3-star hotel.

What Inn is this  (by Emily Dickinson)
What Inn is this
Where for the night
Peculiar Traveller comes?
Who is the Landlord?
Where the maids?
Behold, what curious rooms!
No ruddy fires on the hearth —
No brimming Tankards flow —
Necromancer! Landlord!
Who are these below?

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